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A Eulogy for a Poet and a Friend

by Jimy Gunn

The world seems a little less bright tonight
The air a little less clear
The wind a little less fresh tonight without you
Susie of the sun

She showed her light on me briefly
              as she showed her light on so many
                          and we dazzled
We were brighter under her accepting light
              We were brighter than we could be on our own
Briefly we were brilliant in her eyes
              and when we glowed warmly in her acceptance
She had the grace and humor
              not to dwell on our shadows
                         that we both acknowledged
                                       with a nod and a grin

It's hard to think of her passing
              because I know no one that embraced life
so completely
              so holistically
                          so bear hug unabashedly
                                      trying to make it all work
For her
              for her friends
                          for her family
                                      and for her art.

She told me repeatedly
              "I am not a poet
                          but a person who writes poems"
I beg to differ
              She was a poet in all aspects
The way she lived her life
              the way she loved her family and her friends
The glint in her eyes
              the dimples in her cheek
                          the tussle of the blond mane
                                      and the largeness of her heart
                                                  and the grandeur of her spirit
All attest to the small blonde fireball
              that was our Susie of the sun.

Your held our hearts
              and kept them warm.

©Jimy Gunn 2006

Jimy Gunn is longtime friend of Susie's from Austin, Texas

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