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The Bruised Angel's AlmanacTitle: The Bruised Angels' Almanac
Author: Susan Birkeland

Copyright 2006.
"Love is no matter what
Mercy is no matter how
Justice is no matter who
Hope is no matter when."

ISBN: 0-929730-77-1

Price: 5.95

In 2007 Ziegist Press published her book of poetry and drawings titled "The Bruised Angel's Almanac"

Junky Postcards

In 1997, her novella "Junky Postcards"
published by Perneable Press



Susan Birkeland's poetry and writings have appeared in Left Curve Magazine, The North Coast Review, Puck Magazine, Zen Baby, The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, The North Beach Journal, The Trinity Review, Pangolin Papers, and An Eye For A Eye Makes the Whole World Blind, poets response to 9/11.

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