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Thanksgiving 2006

Sheaves of Wheat - Vincent van Gogh
Sheaves of Wheat

I had a great visit with my daughter at Thanksgiving.

A year ago, on Thanksgiving,

I visited my daughter.

We had great food and drinks

we had love

and hugs

and puppies to walk

and even a renegade kitty cat.

Then we went to a museum

to see some Van Gogh paintings

in an exhibit called

“Sheaves of Wheat.”

These were some of the very last things

painted by Vincent van Gogh

in the very last year of his life.

I looked at a lot of paintings, and

Vincent seemed to be fixated on

wheat and it’s gathering

Finally, as I looked at one called

“Wheat Field with a Reaper”

I was struck with what Vincent saw:

Wheat and it's gathering

is a spiritual matter.

The gathering of the wheat

is part of a process

The reaper brings

death and birth in each swing of his scythe

The death of the wheat


The birth of the bread.

I began to sob amid the crowd of people.

I knew I couldn’t call Susie

and tell her what she already knew,

and that is this:

There is no difference between the wheat and the bread.

Wheat Field with a Reaper - Vincent van Gogh
Wheat Fields with a Reaper-Vincent van Gogh

©Lou Perryman, November 2006
Lou Perryman is an actor who has worked in the film business for over 40 years, both behind and in front of the camera. He payed "L.G." the skinned alive man in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, did crew work on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, appeared in Poltergeist, The Cellar, and Boys Don't Cry. Recently he was joined by his friend Sonny Davis at a film faculty to lead discussions on filmmaking. Lou Perryman lives in Austin, Texas which is where he first met Susan.
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