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Dear Loved Ones,

On behalf of our family, I would like to extend our thanks for the outpouring of love to Susie, and our family during her illness and after her passing.

Thank you for all the prayers, cards, flowers, care packages, funds, encouraging phone calls, music, special trips and the grand glorious shared moments, poetry readings, art exhibit and more that was a great comfort to Susie and our family. And the love poems to Susie, tributes and heartfelt eulogies continue to warm our hearts and inspire us to carry on her work.

The creation of this web site was one of Susie's last wishes. My hope is that it will provide remembrances of Susie, her creative works and spirit and also further encourage other people's dreams and creative talents, celebrate all who pursue dreams for social justice and peace, and inspire others to contribute to positive organizations, or start some of their own. Susie always encouraged others to come together, to share love, joy, peace and beauty, and work towards a harmonious, creative, loving and beautiful community on this earth.

After my father died, I found a letter he had written to me in my desk. It said "One death is the parent of a thousand births". And Susan once told me "I am a catalytic person". She certainly was and full of vision, brazen audacity, and BIG dreams. Our dream is that this web site will continue to grow and change as others share their thoughts and feelings. Eventually, there will be a Susan Birkeland Foundation, which will generate resources for others works and dreams, based on the sale of Susie's art and literary work. For now, this is our beginning, and I hope it will become a parent of a thousand births of goodness and sharing, and much meaning to other people.

To share your thoughts, pictures, and memories of Susan Birkeland, you may send them via email or Comment Form.

Deborah J. Birkeland, Susie's sister